Everything To Know When Moving To Arkansas In 2020!

by Feb 1, 2020

As someone who has lived in 7 different states, there are a few things I have noticed that make living in Arkansas different than anywhere else. Over the past few years I have helped numerous people both domestically and internationally move to The Natural State. Today, I want to share what you should know before moving to Arkansas.

No Professional Sports Teams


Arkansas does not have any professional sports teams of any kind. With that being said, out of all the states I have ever lived in, I have never seen so many people in one state support a college team. When moving to Arkansas, you will probably see signs that say, “Go Hogs!” and the mascot of the University of Arkansas, the Arkansas Razorback, on everything!


Minimal Traffic


Traffic is minimal throughout the state of Arkansas. In fact, when compared to Dallas, Atlanta, Orange County and some of the other large areas I have lived in, traffic barely exists. For example, if you live in a suburb of Little Rock, Arkansas’s Capital City, even in rush hour you may only sit in 10 minutes of traffic at most.


Low Costs Of Living


The median home price in Arkansas is just over $129,000 making buying a home affordable for many people. From my experiences in other states, I would go as far to say that even the price of gas and going out to a restaurant is cheaper in Arkansas compared to most other places I have lived.

A big perk for anyone thinking of moving to Arkansas from the West Coast or Texas, is our insanely low property taxes. Most counties in Arkansas collect an average of just 0.52% of a property’s assessed fair market value as property tax per year.

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Private & Public Schools Are Popular


In Arkansas, parents have an abundance of schooling options to choose from. Many Arkansans send their children to one of the several Top Rated Blue Ribbon public schools. Others, choose from a wide variety of private and charter schools. Across the state there are several religiously affiliated private schools to choose from as well.

Despite all schooling options having their fans, both public and private schools are great options that many parents seem satisfied with.




One of my favorite things about Arkansas is that we experience all four seasons. With mild summers not nearly as humid as places like Louisiana and Florida, the weather is beautiful and will likely stay in the 80s and 90s.

There is a good amount of rain in the spring but when it rains it actually rains…it doesn’t just sprinkle with overcast skies like in the Pacific Northwest. The weather cools down in the fall and that is when I believe Arkansas is the prettiest because all of the leaves change color.

Then it’s winter where temperatures will range from the 60s to the 30s. As a state, Arkansas only averages about 3-4 inches of snow per year.


Everything is Convenient


Arkansas provides you with the ability to go from an urban atmosphere, deep into nature in just a few minutes. In Central Arkansas, you could go straight from the River Market in Downtown Little Rock to hiking Pinnacle Mountain in just over 20 minutes!

There are several farmer’s markets on the weekends and you can usually find everything you need within about a 15 minute drive.


Takeaways if Moving to Arkansas


From an outside perspective, Arkansas is a mystery state of the south! What Arkansans aren’t telling you is that it is full of rich history, low costs of living and a great mixture of both urban and outdoor life. If you are considering a move to Arkansas, please reach out to me directly at 501-612-3965 with any questions you might have! I would love to help you plant your roots in The Natural State!

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