What To Know Before Buying A House With Trees


Natural Light

Pay attention to what time of year you are looking at houses and how many leaves are on the trees. If the trees are fairly close to the house, they will likely cause shadows and block the direct sunlight when full with leaves.

It is important to keep in mind that the interior of homes with trees nearby will by the most light when they are bare.

Root Damage

Big trees = Big roots… It just comes with the territory. There is a possibility that tree roots can cause damage to your home. The most commonly affected items are foundations, waterlines and plumbing. With that being said, you can mitigate your risk of having issues with tree roots by removing trees that are too close to the house.


As a homeowner with big trees, you will have certain maintenance responsibilities. These responsibilities include trimming low bearing tree limbs, clearing house gutters and cleaning up leaves and sticks in the fall.

If you are ambitious and anything like me, you’ll likely try doing this by yourself at first and soon realize it is well worth the money to have it taken care of.

The Perks

Having grown trees around your home makes your home and neighborhood look established. With the canopy that the leaves provide, your electric bill will likely be lower than those who do not have trees to shade their home from the direct sunlight. Additionally, trees provide shade for outdoor entertaining spaces and are perfect for hammocks.

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