Realtor Personality Types Pros and Cons

by Jun 2, 2018


Ahh Realtors… what unique individuals. In this article we will address 6 realtor personality types and what some of the pros and cons are of working with each one. Let us know in the comments who you have worked with before and if you had a good experience.

The Rookie Agent The Rookie Agent

This is the Realtor who is just getting started in the business. There are MANY of these Realtors but don’t discount their abilities, some of them will be super famous, top producing agents one day. They can be very skilled and knowledgeable about business in general. They may not know as much about complicated real estate scenarios but finding one that works with a great brokerage full of mentors can be a fantastic experience.

Pros: They can be very devoted and grateful for your business.
Cons: You may be a guinea pig for them to experiment on.

The Luxury Agent The Luxury Agent

This Realtor personality type prefers to work exclusively with the luxury market, which is a totally different animal from the average real estate transaction. This agent is comfortable mingling with wealthy individuals and showing million dollar properties. They know the ins and outs of the luxury market. You can find this agent spending their free time on the golf course, relaxing at the club and cruising around town in their custom car.

Pros: Extremely knowledge about local high-end real estate.
Cons: You may not get their full attention if you’re not a high roller.

The Techie Agent The Techie Agent

This is the agent who gets really excited about new technologies, apps, and gadgets. This agent can be very skilled at listing properties and utilizing technology to market homes. Hello drone shots and matterports! At times it can also seem like they speak another language if you’re not quite as into technology.

Pros: Can be creative and impressive with marketing homes.
Cons: Chances are, you may be bombarded with tech speak; techies can be more wrapped up in making your house look good than the details of your transaction.

The Elder

This Realtor has been around since before computers existed. They can have a deep understanding of the real estate market. They usually know the history of neighborhoods and interesting details that many agents do not know. They may not be as skilled with technology, but don’t discount the value of their wisdom and the care that they take to help their clients! Props to those who still look as good as their headshot taken a decade ago.

Pros: Extremely knowledgeable about the history of the area and real estate.
Cons: Often aren’t knowledgeable about technology that could make the transaction smoother, faster and much easier for you.

The Cheerleader Agent The Cheerleader Agent

This is the most optimistic of all real estate agents. They are bright and cheerful in almost any situation. As soon as you get them on the phone, you will feel your energy levels rise. You will run into this agent all over town because they are involved in everything. They are enthusiastic and excited all the time, which could wear you down if you’re more introverted and need to relax to make decisions.

The Pros: Lots of smiles. Lots of fun!
The Cons: May be mentally exhausting if your personalities clash.

The One-(Wo)Man Show AgentThe One-Man Show Agent

This Realtor does EVERYTHING. From showing homes, to delivering earnest money, to flying drones, nothing is really left to anyone else. This agent is full of energy and very enthusiastic. It is not uncommon for this agent to have transferred into real estate from another home centered field.

The Pros: You’ll never get handed off to another team member.
The Cons: When they get busy, they can be hard to get ahold of.

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