Stock Tank Pool – Is this a trend you’ll try to beat the heat!?


Swimming is a fantastic approach to win against the summer heat. But not all families can afford to build and maintain an outdoor swimming pool.

Installing a pool in your backyard probably sounds like a really good idea—until you learn that the average cost of a backyard pool is $20,000 to $30,000. Instead of investing a lot of money simply to remain cool this summer, you might want to think about a DIY backyard stock tank pool.


What is a Stock Tank?


A stock tank is a large tank that holds over 30 gallons of water. These types of tanks are most commonly used to store drinking water for cattle and are made of galvanized steel.

Wondering where you get one of these tanks? Look no farther than your local Tractor Supply Co! Depending on the size of the stock tank that you want to use for your pool, costs range from $100 to $420, considerably lower than the cost of your typical in-ground pool. Shop my top stock tank here and have it shipped straight to your home!


A Low Maintenance Pool Alternative


Although stock tanks are affordable, they aren’t as low maintenance as many people think. It is recommended that you have a pool filter hooked up to your stock tank pool with a chlorine system.

In addition, despite how nicely they can be dressed up, the sitting water in stock tanks attracts bugs and can be tedious to clean if you have trees or large plants in your yard.

What’s my verdict? Installing an in-ground pool is worth it but very expensive and hard on the wallet. Stock tanks provide an affordable alternative that is one Chip and Joanna step ahead of the plastic kiddie pools you can buy at any store for under $15.

If you are truly looking for a pool and enjoy spending time outside in your yard, browse pool homes in Little Rock. Rather than spending the money to install a pool where you are, find a home for sale that already has a pool built-in. You can score some amazing backyards for prices lower than you think to ensure that all of your summer needs are taken care of!

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